New Wave's Celebrity Closet Combines Creativity And Shopping

Jamaica is full of creativity and New Wave wants to make sure you never forget. The culture-first brand has made a memorable impression on the creative scene and have been known for throwing incredible events and musical showcases (in Trinidad too!) and their most recent event is sure to make your wallet and wardrobe happy.

Celebrity Closet (CC) allows attendees to go #ThriftingForACause! Part of the growing thrifting scene, also being propelled by other brands like Mukkle Thrift, New Wave’s second pop-up promises a premiere shopping experience with unique and interesting finds. We spoke with Head Cook and Bokkle Washer, Lindsey Lodenquai, about how Celebrity Closet came to fruition, the causes that the event supports and what to interesting thrifted finds to expect!


BASHY Magazine: For those who don't know, what is Celebrity Closet?

Lindsey Lodenquai: CC is a pop-up thrift store that we do for charity. We get donations from local celebs and influencers and sell them back for reduced costs to fund our philanthropic efforts.

How was this idea conceptualized?

I actually created the idea a few years ago after realizing how excessive we can be as humans. I figured it would be great to reach out to our favourite celebs and get them to donate pieces from their closet for charity!

Celebrity Closet's hashtag is #ThriftingForACause. What issues are New Wave aiming to bring awareness to?

The importance that art and creativity plays in all our lives. The funds from the event will be used in Denham Town (an inner city community) that we felt could greatly benefit from creative expression and a community mural.

What's the price range of items available?

Prices range from $100 - $4000 Jamaican Dollars.

What type of items will be available?

Women’s wear, men’s wear, kids clothing, footwear, swimwear and accessories.

There's a unique thrift and sip element to Celebrity Closet. How did that idea come to fruition?

Shopping should be done in the most relaxed environment so I thought it would be a great idea to enjoy a few cocktails while you schmooze! So happy to have our sponsor CPJ on board with us this year providing the amazing refreshments.

Why use the vehicle of thrifting for this event and as a means to raise awareness?

New Wave likes to do things different and provide alternative means of entertainment. Thrifting is still an underground concept in Jamaica, but we liked the idea of making it more popular.

Outside of clothes and drinks, what can attendees expect from the event?

A fantastic vibe and ambiance inside the beautiful showroom of Mini Cooper! We can't thank Mini enough for providing the perfect space for us to execute our second staging of CC! Apart from this, patrons can also expect AMAZING deals while simultaneously giving back for the holidays!

This interview has been condensed and edited for clarity.